Welcome to our new home! My husband and I just bought this 1948 farmhouse on just over an acre of property in Central Texas.  The house is old and needs a lot of love, so that is what we plan to do, give it our love and attention. We will renovate the entire house, make some changes, leave some parts the same, but most of all, make it ours! The house had been in the same family since it was built and holds many fond memories for them; we look forward to creating our own memories here.

The name Breezeway House comes from when we were first looking for houses and my wonderful friend/realtor and I made up names to distinguish the different houses from each other. In order to get to the front door (which is more like a side door – more on that later), you have to pass through a breezeway, so it stuck!

I will try to keep up with the various projects, but I make no promises. We are doing most of the work ourselves, so at the end of the day, I may want nothing more than to veg on the couch and eat a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. :)

Let’s get going!



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