It’s raining cats and dog!

Quite literally.

Early Tuesday morning Steve was leaving for an appointment and bounding around the corner comes a kitten. He had absolutely no fear or inhibitions and instantly wanted attention, so my plan to get back in bed was quickly dismissed. We talked for awhile (I talked, he meowed), but he was mum about where he had come from, did he have siblings, or how he had gotten the nasty cut on his lip. Hearing that I was talking to someone he didn’t know, Sarge needed to come out and investigate. That was entertaining…Sarge barked, growled, and bowed up, until the kitten would move towards him and then he would run. This went on for a few minutes with the kitten being completely non-phased by Sarge. Finally, Sarge gave in and they started to become friends.

Yogi and Sarge

Now if you think I’m a sucker, I’m not the only one, just don’t spread it around. ;) When Mr. Softy got home he asked if I were going to take the kitten to the vet. I had debated it, but wasn’t sure how attached I wanted to be, but come on who are we kidding I was already attached, so off to the vet we went. The entire trip over there, he sat in my lap and was very happy. We got checked out and were given some antibiotics for his lip. I could write an entire post about how amazing this vet was, but I will save that for another day.  I will say, though, that country vets are like no other and I couldn’t be happier to take my babies to them.

I decided to call him Yogi because his paws are as big as a catcher’s mitt. Steve calls him Scarface. :) He is the sweetest, most lovable kitten I have ever known and will climb into my lap any chance he gets. He will even stay when Sarge climbs on top of him.

Yogi - Lap Cat                      Yogi - No More Pictures Please

I had a feeling, though, that there had to be more than one and sure enough…


Meet Bowie, Yogi’s sister. She is not fond of Sarge – AT ALL – and will run under the house when he barks at her. She came up to me this morning and wanted attention, but she was not as quick to jump in my lap. As you can see, from my not great picture, she has a blue eye and a yellow eye, so Steve said we should call her Bowie. Now I realize that some of you diehard David Bowie fans will say that he really doesn’t have two different colored eyes, but I didn’t have the heart to call her Christopher Walken. Eee! Yes, the things you learn on Google…if you need your useless information for the day, here it is.

In spite of what you may think, it’s not all fun and games and playing with stray cats around here. :) We are constantly working on the house and are excited about the progress. Now that I have posted all of the Before pictures, I am finally ready to catch you up to speed on the fun and not so fun stuff we have been doing on the house.

Tankless Water Heater

Almost instantly upon moving into the house, Steve turned on the hot water heater and it came pouring out the bottom.  We had planned on putting in a tankless water heater, just not right away. This seemed to be the story of our lives for the first few weeks, every time we wanted to start a certain project, something else more pressing came up. After the water heater was installed, we found that the pipes were too small and not allowing the water to flow properly or get the hot water through. Since it was summer time, a cold shower after a long day of work was not all bad, but it was quickly getting old. Needless to say, the whole house has been replumbed.

The next issue that we had was that the refrigerators were too wide to get into the front door. Again, we had every intention of putting an exterior door on the laundry room, but just not yet. Since we didn’t have the new doors, we moved the only 3′ door (you may recognize it from the sunken living room) here temporarily so that our neighbors didn’t think a couple of hicks had moved in and were planning on leaving their fridges on the back porch. ;) The white fridge will stay here and the stainless steel one will move into the kitchen after we get the new doors.

Temporary Laundry Room Door

Of all the projects on the list, removing this door was actually near the top, so that worked out. In addition, we started to gut the sunken living room.

Bedroom 1

Not too exciting, but there is more to come.

Have a great day!

Stacey, aka The Crazy Cat Lady ;)

P.S. We actually have had quite a bit of rain the past few days, which I love, but unfortunately has made it so terribly humid.

95 and snowing…

Normally the heat does not bother me, but with all of the work we have done outdoors this summer, I am ready for Fall. I look forward to jeans, sweaters, and heavier beer. Until the fireplace is built, I long to sit around the firepit and enjoy the crisp cool air. In the meantime, though, I will pretend that the field across the street is not in full bloom with cotton, but rather a field blanketed with snow. When the moon was full the other night, it really did look like snow glistening in the moonlight. Soon they will harvest the field, but hopefully it will just mean the start of cooler weather.

I have shared the before pictures of the interior here, so now I can finally start to show the fun stuff. It may take awhile, but it will happen. :)

Cotton Fields

Cotton Fields

Here’s to Fall!